Summer Garden Rolls

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I always have rice paper wrappers on hand for making these quick salad bundles. Prep a variety of vegetables to tuck inside, add a bean spread, tofu, or tempeh and a dressing and you have a wonderful, light meal for … Continued

Clean Out the Fridge Greens

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I order a weekly vegetable delivery from Dandelion Organic. It’s a local company that sources from organic farms in my area. What I like about this type of subscription is that each week I can go online and see what … Continued

Spring Barley Salad

This delicious grain and vegetable salad is a perfect addition to your spring menu. I have packed it full of ingredients like barley and asparagus and sauerkraut that are particularly suited to support your body during the cool nights and … Continued

Roasted Root Vegetables with Rosemary and Thyme

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Roasted vegetables are a great way to add more warmth to your diet during cooler weather. Root vegetables also add a grounded, rooted energy that helps sustain our energy through what can often be dark, cold months. I like to … Continued

Making Bitter Greens Tasty

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Sometimes I love bitter greens straight up; blanched, steamed, sauteed, it doesn’t matter. Other times I need a little help. Some greens definitely taste more bitter than others and this is one place where freshness is really noticeable. Vegetables tend … Continued

Slow Cooked Whole Onions with Sweet Tahini Sauce

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Have you ever cooked whole onions nishime style? Nishime is a style of slow cooking with minimal water or liquid in the covered pot. As the vegetables cook, they gather heat and all the energy concentrates within the vegetable. It’s … Continued

Sauteed Rapini with Button Mushrooms

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Rapini, or broccoli raab, is one of my favorite vegetables. It’s a bit bitter, but I don’t find that overpowering in this green. I often have a hard time finding it organic, so it’s one of the few vegetables I … Continued

Slow Cooked Daikon with Sweet Tahini Sauce

Have you ever cooked daikon nishime style? This is a great dish for cooler weather, especially right now as we head into fall. Nishime is a style of slow cooking with minimal water or liquid in the covered pot. As … Continued

Daikon Rounds with Mirin

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A few days ago I was craving daikon and looking for inspiration. I looked through a few of my cookbooks and noticed a recipe in Alicia Silverstone’s book The Kind Diet that looked perfect. I have made a few changes to reduce the … Continued