Millet and Quinoa with Fennel and Sun Dried Tomato

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I love playing around with different combinations of grains. Millet and Quinoa is a favorite of mine because the millet softens the texture of the quinoa a bit and the flavors complement each other. I also love adding random bits … Continued

Is Oatmeal Bad for You?

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I am not really concerned about where you fall on the spectrum of is oatmeal good or bad for your health. I know oats have mixed reviews these days. Rolled oats, in particular, can spike blood sugar and contribute to … Continued

Spring Barley Salad

This delicious grain and vegetable salad is a perfect addition to your spring menu. I have packed it full of ingredients like barley and asparagus and sauerkraut that are particularly suited to support your body during the cool nights and … Continued

Baked Rice with Red Lentils and Vegetables

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Do you make baked grain dishes? I love them, especially this time of year when our weather is cold and drizzly. This combination is a favorite, with sweet, nourishing Lotus Foods Jade Pearl Rice. The recipe works with a variety … Continued

Barley Lentil Soup

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I am all about warming soups this time of year, true comfort food when the nights are damp and cold like they are in the Pacific Northwest right now. One of my favorite things to do is find locally grown … Continued

Millet with Winter Squash

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Have you tried millet with winter squash? It’s one of my favorite combinations. I frequently serve this with breakfast when winter squash is in season. You can either use raw or cooked winter squash in this recipe. If you are … Continued

Vegetable Soup with Dumplings

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Over a year ago I stumbled upon a recipe for Vegan Not-Chicken and Dumplings over at Bohemian Vegan Kitchen. The first time I made it, I followed the recipe almost exactly and wasn’t thrilled with the flavor of the broth. … Continued

Green Monster Soup

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I developed this soup out of a desire to create a healing dish that is packed with minerals, deeply nourishing and relaxing; supportive of both the kidneys and liver. I am thrilled with the result. Enjoy! Black lentils are a … Continued

Savory Forbidden Rice Patties

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I love to try different varieties of whole grain rice. Jasmine rice, forbidden rice, red rice, jade pearl. There are really too many varieties to name. In this recipe I use forbidden rice, also known as black rice, as the … Continued

Adding Richness to Miso Soup

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There are times, especially in the cooler months, when I crave a hearty, richer miso soup. A basic miso soup is mostly broth, with bits of wakame, maybe a few slices of daikon, shiitake mushroom, miso and a scallion garnish. … Continued

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